ARTISTS ACROSS AMERICA @ Flower Pepper Gallery

I will be showing one recent floral still life with Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena, CA this coming August. Curated by Daniel Rolnik, Details below!




Opening Reception: August 2nd, 2014 from 6pm – 9pm
Address: Flower Pepper Gallery is located at 121 E Union St, Pasadena, CA 91103
“Artists Across America” runs from August 2nd – August 29th.





I’m very pleased to debut some new figurative work with BG Gallery this coming weekend for their Ultimate Beach group show, curated by Daniel Rolnik. Info Below!




bG Gallery: 1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, California 90401
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 26 from 6:30-10pm 
“Ultimate Beach” runs from July 26th until August 9th



The ART CITY PROJECT – Public Art Exhibition

I’m incredibly honored and excited to part of this public project with an amazing group of artists and organizations! Look out for an 11 x 23 foot billboard of my work on Valencia Street in the Mission going live on July 7th! See press release below…



Brett Amory / Apex / Pakayla Rae Biehn / Anthony Discenza
Double Zero (Annie Vought and Hannah Ireland/ Jeremy Fish
Casey Gray / Desirée Holman / Chris Johanson Jet Martinez
Alicia McCarthy / Alia Penner / Andrew Schoultz
Dave Schubert / Jen Stark / Zio Ziegler


The Art City Project proudly presents Way Out West, the newly formed organization’s first public art exhibition. The exhibition will takeover outdoor advertising in San Francisco’s Inner Mission to turn the neighborhood into a public art gallery for six weeks from July 7th through August 17th, 2014. Way Out West will bring together emerging, mid-career and established artists with California roots to create new work that addresses the spirit of California as a fertile ground for dreamers, pioneers and counterculture. Curated by Tova Lobatz and Jenny Sharaf, the month-long exhibition will span billboards, transit shelters, and bus takeovers by artists exploring the role of art in public spaces and news ways of embedding art in daily life.

The Art City Project repurposes advertising to produce contemporary art installations that transform public spaces. Way Out West is the pilot experience, purposefully launching in a city with a rich history of acceptance and tolerance for new and provocative ideas.

Way Out West explores conceptions of California’s past, present, and future. For billions of people, California is an idea as much as a place. It’s a frontier state, the Western end of the line for generations of explorers and pioneers. Lewis & Clark, the Gold Rush, Yosemite, Hollywood, Southern California’s beaches and surf culture,1960s San Francisco counterculture, United Farm Workers, Silicon Valley, the gay rights movement, and countless more — California’s history, ideology, and iconography are recognized around the world.

This unique public exhibition provides San Francisco’s citizens with public access to exciting contemporary artwork in the city’s Inner Mission, a neighborhood currently confronting its own change. The works and setting are rich with contrast and innuendo: billboards at an abandoned gas station just blocks from multi-million dollar homes; massive posters above pawn shops next to bars with $15 artisan cocktails; ads on the buses and bus stops that ferry San Francisco’s working class along the same routes used by private tech company shuttles.

In turbulent times, Way Out West aims to do something beautiful and constructive for a city that is redefining itself once again. Some projects include: Chris Johanson, long associated with the “Mission School,” is taking over MUNI bus advertisements, creating new interior and exterior pieces inspired by his personal experiences in the Mission and San Francisco’s current social temperature. Double Zero, a collaborative duo made of Annie Vought and Hannah Ireland, are conducting an interactive campaign to encourage strangers to tell stories and interact with one another through a telephone hotline. Creativity Explored, a local non-profit organization based in the Mission that helps artists with disabilities, is also participating in the exhibition. San Francisco-inspired work from three of their artists will replace all of the advertising in and on another MUNI bus.

Randy Rollison, Interim Executive Director of Intersection for the Arts states:

We’re really excited about the Art City Project. It is busting down gallery walls and taking the work directly to the community. It’s a great example of how members of the Intersection Incubator Program are living out our mission in dynamic ways.

In addition to its partnership with Creativity Explored and Intersection for the Arts, The Art City Project is proud to be working with Magnolia Editions, the Bay Area’s preeminent fine art print studio. Owners Donald and Era Farnsworth share their thoughts about the collaboration:

The Art City Project gives us an opportunity to put the latest technologies in printing and fabrication in the hands of a new wave of West Coast artists, and to bring the environment of discovery that we strive for in the studio directly to the streets. By replacing billboard advertising with contemporary art — and by giving artists access to techniques beyond what’s sold in stores — we can continue to shift the cultural focus away from corporations and big business toward dreamers, pioneers, and creative explorers.

Way Out West is the first in a series of public art exhibitions — local, national and global — that will repurpose advertising and underused public space to create contemporary art exhibitions.” Advertising uses reproduction images, so the physical artwork — almost all of it new, site-specific work — is preserved. The Art City Project will offer sales of some originals as well as fine limited-edition prints produced in partnership with Magnolia Editions. The work will be available at the opening reception, or directly through the Art City Project.

Curatorial Advisors
Natasha Boas, Ph.D., Independent Curator; Dena Beard, University of California, Berkeley BAM/PFA; Rudolf Frieling, SFMOMA; Rene de Guzman, Oakland Museum of California.

Art City Project is a Member of the Intersection Incubator, a program of Intersection for the Arts providing fiscal sponsorship, incubation and consulting services to artists. Intersection is San Francisco’s oldest alternative arts space, presenting groundbreaking works in the literary, performing, visual and interdisciplinary arts. Visit

Early Partners + Sponsors
CampariCreativity ExploredIntersection for the ArtsMagnolia Editions,SFAQTrumaker

Twitter/Instagram  @helloartcity |  #wayoutwest  | Facebook 

Calendar Editors:
The reception for Way Out West will be held at Heron Arts on July 17th from 7pm to 11pm, where the original works and limited edition prints will be available for sale. The event is open to the public and walking distance from the artwork in Way Out West. All proceeds from ticket sales will support public art through the Art City Project and its fiscal sponsor, Intersection for the Arts. For more information on purchasing tickets, please visit

#MiniMansion @ Guerrero Gallery (Pop Up Space)

I will be showing a collection of small experimental paintings in this great pop up show organized by Guerrero Gallery on June 28th. See info below.




I recently had Los Angeles based art critic and curator Daniel Rolnik over for a studio visit. Daniel is also the co-owner of LA based Intellectual Property Prints, producer of high end silkscreen prints of original artwork. Look out for my first official screenprint to be released later this Summer, and check out photos from the studio visit with a nice write up on ARTslant here.




UNIVERSE @ Modern Eden Gallery



JUXTAPOZ Magazine Feature


It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have a 10 page feature in the latest issue of JUXTAPOZ Magazine! I would like to send out my sincerest THANK YOU’s to Andrew McClintock of Ever Gold Gallery and SFAQ for doing the interview and portrait, as well as Evan Pricco, editor of JUXTAPOZ for making it all happen.

The March 2014 issue hit news stands on February 5th and is available at all major book sellers and local retailers. Pick one up today!



EVER GOLD 5 Year Anniversary



 EVER GOLD 5 Year Anniversary Group Show – January 16th-19th

 Opening Reception, Thursday January 16th, 6-10pm

 Special Hours: Jan 17th-19th, 11am – 5:30pm


Aaron Terry, Adam Parker Smith, Alex Braubach, Austin McManus, Barry McGee, Ben Venom, Casey Gray, Charles Linder, Chris Duncan, Chris Corrente, Chris Sollars, Christian Ebert, Christine Ancalmo, David Bayus, David Jones, David Marc Grant, Dean Dempsey, Dennis Kernohan, Don Ed Hardy, Emily Gorman, Emily Chaves, Erik Foss, Facundo Arganaraz, Ferris Plock, Francesco Deiana, Gregory Ito, Guy Overfelt, Heather Sparks, Hilary Pecis, Jedd Hart, Jeremiah Jenkins, Jessica Flemming, Jessie Rose Vala, Jim Damron, Joey Enos, Josh Short, John Held, Jr., Julio Cesar Morales, Kate Bonner, Keith Boadwee, Kent Long, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Leigha Mason, Lisa K. Blatt, Lowell Darling, Lucien Shapiro, Lucy Kasofsky, Mario Ayala, Mark Benson, Mark Mulroney, Mark Van Proyen, Mary Joy Scott, Mary Ijichi, Mauricio Ancalmo, Meryl Pataky, Michelle Blade, Mike Paré, Mitsu Okubo, Molly Soda, Monica Canilao, Nina Dolores, Owen Takabayashi, Paul Kos, PEZ, Ray Potes, Rebecca Goldfarb, Robin Juan, Ryan Beavers, Ryan Coffey, Ryan De La Hoz, Ryan Malley, Sadie Barnette, Sandy Kim, Sarah Hotchkiss, Sean McFarland, Shalo P, Shelter Serra, Silver Warner, Tamra Seal, Tahitti Pehrson, Tim Sullivan, Tom Marioni, Tom Sachs, Tony Labat, Travis Collinson, Wally Hedrick, Whitney Lynn, Yokonori Stone


TROPIC: Press Release


New Works by Casey Gray


White Walls is pleased to present TROPIC, a solo exhibition by San Francisco based artist Casey Gray. The opening reception will be Saturday, October 12, from 7-11 pm, and the exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through November 2, 2013.

Thematically centered around coastal culture and fare and featuring twenty new paintings in a tidal wave of color, TROPIC vibrates with a sun-washed psychedelic edge, leaving the viewer with a relative degree of optical nausea. Pineapple, palm trees, iguanas, sunsets, fruity cocktails, nautical flags, flamingo lawn ornaments and bikini clad derrieres are all but too abundant in this patchwork of tequila-sunrise memories and salty daydreams.

TROPIC highlights Gray’s dynamic range as an artist by featuring a fluid array of works in a variety styles. By collaging and manipulating a collection of carefully chosen internet source material into layered digital sketches, which he then references for each painting, Gray aims to present a non-linear narrative of a hypothetical vacation. This approach is driven by Gray’s interest in exploring the conceptual space created from the dichotomy of digital verses tangible experience, and to create work that acts as an interface between the two.

In “Beach Party 3, 2, 1” a basket of fruit and beach toys takes center stage under an umbrella in what one might guess is a lazy afternoon picnic. A pair of feet with brightly painted toenails interrupt the foreground of the painting, and coupled with a polka-dot bikini top shoved into the right corner, give the impression that the viewer is seeing through a topless sunbather’s lethargic gaze. In “A Collection of Natural Treasures”, Gray presents a trompe l’oeil arrangement of natural and manmade objects composed in a curiosity cabinet, each sectioned off into its own box, elevating their symbolism and story. While there are also more traditional still life paintings included in the show such as his wildly popular floral series, Gray sidesteps towards the abstract with pieces like “Blue Hawaii”, “Havana Cooler” and “Waterlemon Melonade”, each of which is based off of tropical wallpaper samples. “Blue Hawaii” features a linear pattern of stylized palm trees gradating from golden yellow to deep fuchsia. The tranquility of the pattern is cut short by large gestural stripes of negative space fractioning the piece into a broken mirror of floating shards, yet the breezy undercurrent of TROPIC is still accounted for. When viewed altogether, the works come alive like a warm island wind, ebbing and flowing with the rhythm of the seas.


Casey Gray was born in 1983 in Palo Alto, CA and received his MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2010. His work has been included in group shows at Circuit 12 Contemporary, Dallas; Breeze Block Gallery, Portland; Nudashank, Baltimore; Gallery Yves LaRoche, Montreal; 941 Geary, San Francisco, among others. Solo exhibitions include Garden Party (2012), Style of Eye (2011) and Ill Romantic (2010) all at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco.

Event Information:
Opening Reception – October 12, 2013, 7-11 pm
On View Through November 02, 2013
@ White Walls Project Space (
886 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA

MILESTONE #1 @ Circuit 12 Contemporary: Installation Photos