Print Release w/ ZIOXLA


I’m very happy to announce the release of Hanging Plant Study, a limited edition giclée print with Barcelona based publisher ZIOXLA! The image first appeared in the book Strange Plants II, and is available for pre-order now at! 11 x 14 inches, edition of 50. Get yours now!




Artist: Casey Gray
Title: Hanging Plant Study
Medium: Giclée print on 300 GSM archival paper
Dimensions: 11 x 14 in.
Edition size: 50
Print date: 2015

Hanging Plant Study is a limited-edition print by artist Casey Gray. The image for this print appears in Strange Plants II, a limited-edition book that celebrates plants in contemporary art.

Hanging Plant Study is printed with the highest-quality inks on 300 GSM archival paper, insuring maximum print life. Each print is numbered, and guaranteed by the artist with a signed certificate of authenticity.

These prints will begin to ship on July 1.

WAVE POOL @ Park Life Gallery

Wave Pool

New works by Casey Gray

April 10th – May 10, 2015

Opening Reception Friday April 10 6-9pm

San Francisco-based artist Casey Gray will present a new series of paintings for his first show at Park Life Gallery.

The show titled Wave Pool, will feature Gray’s “wavy” paintings that depict universal symbols of everyday life in a wavy or rippled motif that communicates a feeling of uncertainty or mistrust; a general cynicism related to the current changing socio-economic climate and related identity crisis of San Francisco. The symbols themselves are generally lighthearted and optimistic, some having humorous meanings or connotations. The distortion of these symbols inject a level of cynicism and lack of control into their emoji-like imagery.

Casey’s more formally composed still-life and cabinet paintings also gain inspiration from his everyday experience. Digitally sourced objects are chosen and composed in a way to suggest a non-linear narrative that is both real and imagined. The artist is interested in using images without context or history and injecting new importance into them by their association with and relation to other images. The works are an attempt at communicating the artist’s complex relationship to the world around him, and are an exploration into the overlap of virtual and actual reality.

All works are spray painted acrylic on wood panel.

For more information please contact





Zioxla is pleased to announce the publication of Strange Plants II, the second book in a series that celebrates plants in contemporary art. The book features the work of 30 artists, and explores what these artists think about plants and how they portray them in their work. It includes viscous paintings of drooping flower arrangements; intuitive photographs of lily pads and lithe bodies; mixed-media collages that juxtapose the tranquility of Japanese Ikebana with the chaotic energy of vandalism; and much more.

For the book, editor Zio Baritaux brought together several artists who take a unique approach to incorporating plants into their work: Allison Schulnik, Misha Hollenbach, Francesca DiMattio, Zin Taylor, Katarina Janeckova, Stills & Strokes and Ren Hang. Schulnik, for example, used her own garden as a character in one of her short films; Stills & Strokes projected colors and geometric shapes onto the leaves of plants in botanical gardens; and DiMattio filled the sculptures in her exhibition with dramatic and unruly flowers.

Each artist’s work is accompanied by an insightful article or interview that delves deeper into the relationships between plants and people. Taylor talks about a wild jade plant he clipped at the Eames house in Santa Monica and smuggled back to Brussels, thus transporting the spirit of Charles and Ray
to his own home. Hollenbach discusses observing a deciduous tree in his backyard as a way to teach his young daughter about the cycle of life. Janeckova, a Slovakian ex-pat who now lives in South Texas, explains how plants keep her company in her new homeland.

As with the first book, Strange Plants II includes newly developed work by a select group of artists who do not typically use plants as subject matter. Friedrich Kunath, Rosson Crow, Troels Carlsen, Eric Yahnker, Nina Chanel Abney, Erin M. Riley, Brian Scott Campbell, HuskMitNavn, Casey Gray and Matt Leines all rendered an unusual plant in their own aesthetic. Yahnker contributed a colored-pencil illustration of a flowering aloe plant in a Steven Spielberg pot, Riley hand-wove
a tapestry of a sexy stone plant, and Crow painted dark purple orchids and a wavy boophone in a Grecian urn.

Twelve tattoo artists also contributed new work. But instead of the colorful and surreal flash that appeared in the first book, the flash in the “Stick & Poke” is monochrome and based on a cactus theme. Daniel Albrigo, Tamara Santibañez, David Schiesser, Sarah Carter, Mina Aoki, Uptown Danny, Wink Evans, Slowerblack, Shen Schubert, Spider Sinclair, Jessica Swaffer and Rose Whittaker all contributed gritty and fantastical designs, ranging from a woman in the form of a saguaro cactus to a cactus with metal spikes as its spines.

“The aim of Strange Plants II is to continue the compelling conversations about how we perceive and interpret both the bizarre and beautiful sides of art and nature,” editor Zio Baritaux says. “Since the release of the first book, a community of like-minded, inquisitive and creative people has grown up around these conversations, and I hope this community will expand with the publication of this book.”

Strange Plants II was designed by Folch Studio, an award-winning design house in Barcelona. The book is 148 pages in length, and comes with eight adhesives so that readers can select their three favorite images and create their own unique covers.

Strange Plants II is available for pre-order now, and begins to ship on March 9. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


Interview & Studio Visit for THE HUNDREDS


I am super happy to have an interview and studio visit with the lovely and talented Zioxla up now on THE HUNDREDS! Click the image below to view, and be sure to check out more of Zio’s happenings at

Art Auction to Benefit the Artists #2 @ INCLINE GALLERY

I will have one piece up for grabs at this fun show this Thursday night. Come pick it up for a good price maybe :)


Land HO! Indian Summer Mixtape 2014


It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of LAND HO! A totally 90’s house vibe, this mix is a very upbeat and optimistic presentation of some of my favorite tracks of the year thus far. This one will keep you movin’ no doubt…. 

Click the image above or HERE to redirect to my SOUNDCLOUD.


1. Breach – JACK (Taiki & Nulight Remix)
2. Huxley – Real ft. Jack Wilby (Original Mix)
3. Danny T – The Fever (Original Mix)
4. Let Youth – Feel Your Love feat. Javeon (Original Mix)
5. Mariah Carey – Youre Mine (Eternal) (Gregor Salto & Funkin Matt Remix)
6. Calippo – Need a Friend (Original Mix)
7. Little Dragon – Paris (TEED Holiday Edit)
8. Bambook – Give It Up (303 Mix)
9. Claude VonStroke – CaliFuture feat. Barry Drift (Original Mix)
10. The Magician – Sunlight ft. Years & Years (Extended Mix)
11. Cyclist & Maiko – Shine (Anoraak remix)
12. Jess Glynne – Right Here (Original Mix)
13. Motez – Promise Me (Original Mix)
14. Redlight – 36 ft Lotti (Original Mix)
15. Digitalism – Fahrenheit 32 (Original Mix)
16. Zeds Dead & Twin Shadow – Lost You (Original Mix)





JUXTAPOZ Magazine recently published a one page preview for Of Land & Sea, my current show of all new works at Circuit 12 Contemporary, in their September issue and I could not be more thrilled! Thanks to Evan Pricco and Alex Nicholson at JUX for making it happen. Click the image below or HERE for the online edition of the article.

Picture 2

PRESS: Arrested Motion

Check out a recent studio visit with curator/writer/collector extraordinaire Sven Davis over at Arrested Motion. A BIG thanks to Sven for the coverage and kind words.

Picture 1

OF LAND & SEA @ Circuit 12 Contemporary

Picture 1
For Immediate Release (Dallas, TX).


Circuit 12 Contemporary is pleased to present Of Land & Sea, a solo exhibition by San Francisco based artist Casey Gray. Join us for the opening Saturday, September 6th, from 6-10 pm.


One could say that the definition of art is the organization of experience. With the overwhelming amount of information saturating our lives on a continuous basis, it is easy to lose one’s focus. With this idea in mind, Casey Gray examines his relationship to the world around him, navigating through a logic defined by dichotomies; tropical vs. barren, north vs. south, memory vs. truth, perception vs. reality, digital vs. analog experience.


Of Land & Sea uses the natural landscape of the American West Coast and Gray’s experience growing up a California native as inspiration to explore these notions in over twenty new works on panel and paper. Tropical and desert themes combine in an abstract visual language where sunshine rules, bikini clad derrieres run rampant and fantastical dreamscapes are transformed into psychedelic still lifes.


The exhibition will also debut selections from two new bodies of work from Gray. The first is a collection of experimental works on paper depicting mundane objects such as flower vases, popsicles and pizza that appear to have been rippled creating an optical illusion. The symbols function similar to emoji and when viewed together can read as a sentence. A second group of voyeuristic works, portraying lethargic sunbathers lounging in the sand, marks Gray’s first exploration into figurative realism, and instantly connotes the works of Paul Cezanne.


Working exclusively with acrylic spray paint, Casey Gray has developed an approach to contemporary painting that is uniquely his own through innovative, hand drawn masking techniques. Using historical painting tropes as a point of departure, Gray’s desire is to create a visual language that explores the fluidity of personal experience that is the contemporary landscape. His work is heavily informed by Dutch Golden Age painting, skateboard culture, op and pop art, graffiti, cyber culture and computer graphics.


Casey Gray was born in the Bay Area and is currently living and working in San Francisco. He holds an MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, as well as a BA in painting and printmaking from San Diego State University. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in cities including London, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Portland, Baltimore, San Diego and San Francisco. Recent publications include a feature in Juxtapoz Magazine, New American Paintings, the Chinatown Newspaper, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Solo exhibitions include TROPIC (2013), Garden Party (2012), Style of Eye (2011) and ill Romantic (2010) all at White Walls in San Francisco.


For more information, please contact Of Land & Sea will be on view through October 5, 2014.


CIRCUIT 12 CONTEMPORARY – 1130 Dragon Street, Suite 150, Dallas, TX 75207 – (214) 760-1212


WAY OUT WEST Billboard: Art City Project

For anyone that didn’t get a chance to see my billboard in person for WAY OUT WEST, here is a quick snap and image of the original painting for your viewing pleasure. It was a real honor to be a part of this exhibition and a real trip to see my work at this scale. Big thanks to Tova Lobatz and the whole Art City team for including me.